During the first two months, wool and cotton rugs tend to lose their fiber excess. Vaccum clean regularly.
Do not pull loose ends, trim with scissors.
Change orientation of the rug twice a year. Be careful of direct sun or moon light that can make colors fade.

Thanks to an appropriate an regular care, your rug will last longer and will keep its original aspect.




Every year a complete cleaning of your rug is recommended. You can either do it yourself using a special shampoo or take it to a profesionnal cleaner.

Les tâches :
– Remove spills immediatly.
– blot any liquid with a clean dry, undyed cloth or paper towel.
– Remove solid parts with a knife or a spoon, from the side to the center of the stain following the fiber direction.
– Try first to remove the stain with water and mild soap.

Butter : Iron first using a cloth (- 100C°), then use water and vinegar.
Mud : leave it dry, then brush and vaccum clean..
Jelly or Honey : Mild water and blot with dry cloth.
Acrylic Paint : before stain dries, water and mild soap. After drying scrap and brush.



Roll your rug with pile inside.

Choose a dry, fresh place (wardrobe, drawer,…). Avoid basement and attics, where temperature changes, humidity, and dust attracting insects can damage it.