tapis jute original pour chambre fille naturel et rose

ELILI square jute rug

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It is design, it is original, it is square: it is our superb Elili ! In natural jute and with a pink border (also in jute) this rug is ideal for creating an authentic and trendy atmosphere in your interior, bedroom or other room. It will suit any type of decor thanks to its classic and design tones!


Material: 100% Jute

Color : Natural jute and blush pink, golden details.

Cut : 140 x 140 cm

Mat thickness: 0.7 cm 

Resistant and easy-care natural material.

Made in india

Here is some general maintenance information for your carpet:

Shake your carpet regularly to remove dust and other dry particles from the carpet. We recommend this first option but if you want to use a vacuum cleaner, be sure to remove the brush and always set it to low power, avoiding "back and forth"; this will allow you to preserve your carpet in its best condition. Your lungs and those of your children will be particularly grateful to you for these gestures!

In addition, we recommend a complete annual cleaning of your carpet.

For the latter, you have two options:

-First, you can entrust this mission to a professional carpet.

-Second, you can dry wash your carpet using a cleaning powder or foam. We recommend the Terre de Sommières that you can sprinkle and then leave to act for several hours or even a day (and finally aspirate)!

Let's go for the spring cleaning!

PS: Be careful, the material of this rug does not tolerate humidity! Do not clean it with wet shampoo or steam cleaner.