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LITTLE GALAXY galaxy play mat

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To make your little love dream of conquering space and unknown lands, there's nothing like our carpet Little galaxy both fun and decorative! The simple tones of this rug will allow it to adapt perfectly to the decoration of your child's room. A hand-woven rug, 100% cotton and certified OEKO-TEX in line with our responsible approach!

Material: 100% cotton

Color : Blue, ecru and gray blue. Its "stone wash" finish after printing the pattern gives an aged appearance to the colors.

Cut : 100 x 140 cm

Mat thickness: 0.5 cm

Made in india

How to maintain this carpet…?

Shake regularly. Vacuum the carpet without brush and at low power avoiding "back and forth". If unwanted liquids are spilled on your carpet, soak up the excess liquid with absorbent paper. To clean the stains, use a clean cloth and soapy water or dry cleaning powder. Rub and let dry.