tapis lavable en machine forme nuage bleu

NIMBUS BLUE cloud baby rug

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Really too cute this little cloud rug, don't you think ? To bring a little piece of heaven and dreams in the nursery, it is ideal. This 100% cotton baby rug is available in three colors, which will allow you to select the one that will perfectly suit your decor. We end with two good news for you: it is non-slip and machine washable!


Material: 100% cotton / Non-slip back

Color : Aqua blue

Cut : 75 x 115 cm

Pile height: 20 mm

Easy-care material, machine washable.

Made in india

Now let's come to the argument that probably made you choose this rug: you chose a washable rug and you did well because it will make your life a lot easier!

Here are the washing instructions:

Wash your carpet separately at 30 ° maximum using a short delicate cycle (maximum 30 minutes), a neutral detergent and a gentle spin.

Here are some things NOT to do : 

Do not leave it wet in the machine. Be careful not to use bleach or fabric softener. Do not put your rug in the dryer and do not expose it to direct sunlight. Also, do not dry clean it.

Finally, avoid washing too regularly to avoid damaging the material !

Also, do not worry, if you have the breaking (loss) of material at the start of use, this is not a fault, it will gradually decrease!