Why Nattiot ?

Stylist in Ready-to-Wear and in decoration for 20 years, it was in 2009 that I discovered the carpet business in which I found an insatiable means of expression.

The desire was born to create a brand in order to bring renewal to the children's decoration market and more specifically to the children's rugs market.

In love with a traditional know-how and knowing the inexhaustible resources in terms of creativity, I decided to start what will become the Nattiot adventure.

It is in 2012 that the first collection of the brand will be presented. During all these years, the carpet has offered me a great medium of creation thanks to which I could bloom.

At Nattiot, for a decade now, we have chosen to favour partnerships with small suppliers, with the aim of building a history together, growing and evolving with them side by side.

We are proud to say that a real relationship of trust is born from this partnership.

Wishing to reduce our ecological impact as much as possible, we have accompanied them in the process of Oeko-Tex certification, aware of the technical and financial investment but convinced that obtaining this label was essential to turn towards an increasingly eco-responsible trade.

Today, the vast majority of our suppliers are OEKO-TEX certified, and our range of certified products continues to grow and develop.

Our initial desire to build a strong relationship with our suppliers has finally succeeded: a mutual desire to satisfy one another, to adopt his point of view and to become better together.

Today we continue to committ ourselves, to search for new partnerships and suppliers in order to expand our offer and thus offer you the product of your dreams.

This is why we have established new relationships with suppliers in Belgium and Turkey, capable of producing carpets that correspond to our desires and yours. It is a permanent and particularly stimulating challenge for us to constantly bring you new materials, qualities and know-how.

Passionate about creation, our collections are the result of a long work of research and the reflection of a will of constant renewal, which we hope, bring you full satisfaction.