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DOUCHKA GRAY sheepskin

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Let yourself be seduced by our Douchka ! Matchlessly soft, this rug will provide your little one with a comfortable place to play or daydream. 100% sheepskin, it will bring a touch of warmth and a natural atmosphere to your treasure room or any other room in your home. Choose from our three available colors the one that will best enhance your interior!


Material : 100% Genuine Sheepskin

Color : Charcoal grey

Cut : 67 x 100 cm

Resistant natural material.

New Zealand Sheepskin

How to maintain this carpet…?

Shake regularly. Vacuum the carpet without brush and at low power avoiding "back and forth". If unwanted liquids are spilled on your carpet, soak up the excess liquid with absorbent paper. To clean the stains, use a clean cloth and soapy water or dry cleaning powder. Rub and let dry.